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Don’t let current circumstances trouble you!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

John 14:1 says “Let not your heart be troubled”. Though circumstances are not ideal, our current lives are changed due to the world’s state of emergency. We, as people of God, need to realize this is OUR time to shine in the midst of all this darkness. This is our moment to show the world that despite what it may look like, we know who holds the future.

Jesus entered this world and laid down his life so that we CAN live. We live knowing that this earth is not our destination, and we know that our God went to prepare a place for us. He hasn’t left us without a comforter. Remember that GOD, now, then, and forever WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE FINAL SAY!


Let’s all show the world that they don’t set the trend.

The church of the living God are the trendsetters! We don’t worry and we don’t fret. We know Jesus promised that he will take care of us!

Be Blessed!

Stay in the race!

Don’t forget the struggle is making you stronger, so LIVE!

Min. Lena Tomlin

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