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  • Eld. D. Phelps

Is the Church Prepared for an Insurrection? What Should Believers Do?

By Eld. D. Phelps

*The views of the author does not reflect the views of the Greater Emmanuel Grace Apostolic Church

Most of us have seen the videos and pictures of one of the most stunning events our lifetime. We have, to some extent, witnessed the insurrection that took place on January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C. The outset of this event may have caused many to form their own personal opinions of the event, while others may simply say that it really does not affect us at all. Yet and still, some may say that the Church should just simply ignore the politics of the land and keep right on living for the Lord with extraordinarily little concern.

Right now, our society, whether in the church or out of the church, lives within a fractured, unstable, hostile environment. Because life may have become overwhelmed with complaints from all sides of life, turning to our faith has become more important than at any time we may ever see in this life. Any affect upon our legal and political system could have huge consequences upon the church. It can result in result in a loss of free speech, government protection, and loss of the freedom to worship. During the Revolutionary War of 1815, John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson: “That was only an effect and consequence of it” (History Hu, by Cameron Adams, Ph.D.).

What then would happen to believers if our faith were attacked in like manner?

To help with similar types of insurrection, the United States created a Marshall Plan, named after U.S. Army General George Marshall. But there was nothing in the plan that involved the helping of the Church. The Marshall Plan included that the government would help out its allies, to recover from the effects of the war. In relation to the church, more than likely you are simply going to have to rely on your faith to make it through. If the church lacks the necessary, it will not recover like the economy.

What does the Bible say about this kind of event?

Before I get into details about what the Bible says about such events, author Robert Oliver, a contributing columnist for The Sampson Independent, wrote this: “There is no authority found in the Bible for any institution larger than the local congregation but smaller than the universal church”. In other words, there is no single authority that exists that can plead its case for the Church than that of God Himself.

That being said, the words of Christ resonates loud and clear when He spoke to the Apostle Peter in Mathew 16 vs 18. “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (KJV). The building process to the Church and to the believer can never be destroyed, no matter what comes up against it.

Believers must realize that God has chosen them (us) to be that building block, but not elected officials or any other source of lawgiving. Yes, it is possible for the body to be destroyed, but our faith will help us to get through any form of interference. There will always be uninterrupted continuation of this process, and those with the greatest faith in God will solidify this stance. The divine capabilities of mankind through God will elevate believers beyond the circumstances of life.

Submitted by Eld. D.N. Phelps

  • Disclaimer: The Views of the author does not reflect the views of the Greater Emmanuel Grace Apostolic Church.

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