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Should the Saints take the Covid-19 Vaccine Shot?

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

By Eld. D. Phelps

*The views of the author does not reflect the views of the Greater Emmanuel Grace Apostolic Church

Is Taking the newly developed covid-19 shot in the fight against the Deadly and uncertain virus a good idea for the Believers?

Make no mistake, the Covid-19 virus has been documented as one of the deadliest viruses that mankind has ever faced. Up for great debate, in the current church setting is, should we, that is the saints or believers, feel safe trusting in God for our help, or do we follow the advice of the medical world of science to help us make one of the most important decisions of our lifetime?

In a recent article, cited by the Academic Rigor Journal, those that do challenge not taking the vaccine, base their reasons on “claims of religious liberty or laws that would allow for religious exemptions”. For these reasons, many will not take the Covid-19 vaccine shots. It is their belief that true believers cannot be forced or mandated to take the shots. This group has been labeled to be the greatest threat to resolving immunity against the virus. While some choose to express their religious right not to take the vaccine, others believe that the virus is unproven and unsafe.

But what does the Bible say about such kinds of predicaments as to whether the saints should take the vaccine or not take it?

Let me begin with the Book of Ezekiel. It states in the 47th chapter that “And by the river upon the bank thereof,…shall grow all trees for meat,…and the leaf thereof for medicine”. That tells me that mankind will have the ability to provide healing through God through what is already provided for us here on the earth.

Then there is the Biblical setting of Hezekiah, when he was stricken with a sickness unto death. The warning and a word of advice. Isaiah warns Hezekiah to set his house in order, but then he turns around and speaks to Hezekiah in the 21st verse of chapter 38: “…Let them take a lump of figs, and lay it for a plaster upon the boil, and he shall recover”.

More importantly, we cannot rely upon prayer alone. We must trust in the science of medicine. Is the medication reliable and/or does it give immediate relief? In either case, God does use medicine to aid in the healing process, but we must continue to pray for the hand of the Lord to move the healing process along the way.

There are two major religious organizations that absolutely reject the idea of taking any type of medicine or consenting to medical procedures. These two organizations are the Church of Christ, and the Watchtower Society, who are better known as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

What do Apostolics Believe?

The majority of the Apostolic Faith, which includes Pentecostals, focus mainly on divine healing. William Seymore, one of the founding fathers of the Apostolic Faith in the United States, wrote: “medicine is for unbelievers” (https://classroom.synonym/pentecostal -beliefs-medicine). However, today's modern Apostolics believe that “God has given the gift of medicine as well as divine healing” (https://classroom.synonym/pentecostal-beliefs-medicine). The latter group believes that the good that the combination of doctors and medicine are seen as gifts from above, therefore the Church must appreciate this gift. There are also others of these groups of Apostolics that disagree with this last idea. These groups simply believe that faith is the only factor we need.

So, what do you believe?

Submitted by Eld. D. Phelps


*I do not either endorse the acceptance of the vaccine or suggest anyone to not consider taking the vaccine. It is strictly upon the reader to make their own personal decision.

*The views of the author does not reflect the views of the Greater Emmanuel Grace Apostolic Church

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